As your talent advisor, we will help you reach your staffing goals and give you an empowered advantage to target potential recruits in the most effective way possible.

You’ll be able to acquire talent quickly and effectively, even for your most hard-to-find skill sets. We help you reduce time-to-fill, and retain quality talent — all while optimizing costs throughout the recruitment process.

In order to provide you an high-quality service we perform some routine actions on a daily basis:

MAINTAIN EXPERT STATUS. We need to be continually reading and benchmarking in business, your industry, and in all areas of talent management each and every day because knowledge is power and it is the key to success in a fast-changing world.

COACHING AND INFLUENCING HIRING MANAGERS. We inform and coach our clients on the best talent actions to take each day, best practices and common talent errors.

ALERT. Proactively provide a heads-up, just-in-time notice to make clients aware of current and upcoming talent opportunities.

SHARE BEST-PRACTICE. Actively share with hiring managers the latest news and proven approaches sourcing for hard-to-find candidates

PRIORITIZE TOP CANDIDATES. As  the very best candidates are gone in only a few days we must help hiring managers identify and focus on the best candidates.

DIRECT  SEARCH. Identify the companies to focus on, discover and appraoch their superior hard-to-sell, already employed prospects who have not applied for a job.

RANGE EXTENSION. Encourage hiring managers to review the “silver medalists” for other internal open jobs.

DIVERSITY. Become experts and foster diversity recruiting in order to help hiring managers reach their diversity goals.

CANDIDATE CENTRIC APPROACHES. Help clients understand the importance of a positive “candidate experience.” Seventy-five percent of candidates (after a bad recruiting experience) would not likely accept a job offer even if they felt the role was a good fit.

ENHANCE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE. Advisors must coach hiring managers on how they can treat candidates better and enhance their engagement and satisfaction.

While the world is constantly evolving, the business community can always count on one constant:

Exceptional talent will continue to deliver a strategic competitive advantage and drive long-term growth.

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