Chalking Up

We Step In Where Big Recruiters Falter

As a boutique firm, simply through our structure, we come to any search engagement with a tremendous competitive advantage in terms of dedication, agility, commitment and greater access to talent in the marketplace.


We recruit in the areas we really understand and where we have worked for many years and therefore we are able to conduct specialized and challenging expert interviews.


Aligned to our philosophy, this is absolutely necessary in order to determine the suitability of a candidate.

Therefore, we only recruit in areas where we have experience ourselves - so we know exactly what skills and experience are necessary for the job.


"We believe the ultimate value-add to a client is our dedication and expertise in the access, identification and recruitment of top talents in conjunction to our skills as executive search specialists."


We spend a lot of time looking for the right talent to find the most suitable person for the company.


We see it like searching for row diamonds - the best is often well hidden and it needs engagement, a lot of time and experience to discover it.


Similar to headhunting where the really good talents are really difficult to find and recruit.

With more then a decade experience we've learned that any successful direct search assignment begins with a thorough understanding – not only of the position to be filled – but also of the role the manager is expected to play within the management team and where diversity can make the difference.

Team Lunch


We must guarantee complete confidentiality to attract the best talent. The same principle holds for your company. It is very possible for the executive you wish to replace is someone we know.

You can however rest assured that your secret is safe with us. Our candidates’ resumes are never presented without their express permission. When checking references, we never contact current employers. We trust in our strength and act self-confidently. We emphasize open communication, active listening, and feedback and draw strength from our knowledge.


We are an equal opportunity employer, and we fully comply with Swiss Recruitment Regulations, GDPR, and federal DPA.

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